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In support of International Overdose Awareness Day we are taking to the streets to talk about drug overdoses and how we can prevent them. As well as taking some time to remember those who have been lost to overdose. 

We will be raising awareness of signs and symptoms of overdose, how to prevent one and what to do if one occurs. As well as, offering first aid advice & information from St John Ambulance, promoting the correct use of Prenoxad pens and signposting to the various services across the city who promote recovery with colleagues from:

Cascades Creative Recovery Cafe


Brighton & Hove Council

We will be giving out these resources on the day:

overdose leaflet



And a wide range of overdose resources are available by clicking here




1.  Drugs fall into three categories; depressants (slow down), stimulants (speed up), hallucinogens (trippy). You can overdose from any of them

2.  Depressants* cause the most deaths

3.  Don’t mix, especially not a combination of depressants


*Depressants include alcohol, heroin, fentanyl, Xanax, methadone, GBL & GHB, benzodiazepine’s (Diazepam) & others; they can depress breathing and heart rate until they eventually stop, resulting in death



14th November 2017: Make Change Count

Thinking of giving money or food to a homeless person? Consider donating to Make Change Count instead, a campaign aimed at getting homeless people the support they really need. Click here to find out more

Click here for the poster


Alcohol awareness week is upon us, here at Pavilions we have created an 8 page alcohol awareness resource pack providing information on why we drink, the benefits of reducing our drinking, the signs of dependence and how to seek help.

We will also cover how alcohol can affect family and loved ones and what you can do to
help them and yourself.


Use #AAW2017 to join in the conversation and talk about your experiences around

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