Polydrug Use

Polydrug use is when someone uses more than one substance at a time. This could be taking more than one substance at the same time or it could be using more substances to relieve a ‘come down’ or a ‘hangover’.

Using two or more substances (including alcohol) at a time is risky as it can make the effects unpredictable. Some substances just don’t work well together and can produce unpleasant and / or dangerous effects. Tripsit Wiki have put together a guideline to drug combinations which can give you some idea if the combination of drugs you plan to take is likely to be dangerous. Drugsand.me is another harm reduction website that considers the risk of using mixing substances. 

Some common but risky drug combinations to be aware of…


If you’re using any of these combinations of substances, please contact us to discuss how you can reduce the risks involved.

Taking two or more drugs that fall into the depressant category is especially dangerous as it can result in an overdose which can lead to coma, respiratory depression (difficulty breathing) and death.

It is important to know that prescribed and over the counter medication can also interact with each other, alcohol and drugs. You should always check with your GP or Pharmacist what the risks are.

Currently in treatment for Hepatitis or HIV? You can check for potential interactions on the following websites or download the apps.

HIV                           Hepatitis